Before your first treatment, you will be asked to fill out an esthetic intake form in order to evaluate and best meet your skincare services.

Signature Facial (50 mins) A customized facial for women, men and teens. 

Your therapist will select an appropriate combination of products upon skin analysis. This facial includes double cleansing, gentle exfoliation, extraction, massage, finishing mask followed by moisturizer and sunblock.  Best for in between our luxe facials or an ideal monthly regimen to reduce stress and maintain healthy glowing skin.


Guests  $99     Members $69     

Treatment Facials

Image Ormedic Organic Facial (50 mins)

Suitable for all skin types and ideal for sensitive and prenatal skin.  Includes a non-chemical peel made from a blend of papaya, pineapple and mango, which naturally exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.


Guests $109     Members $89

Deep Pore Cleansing (60 mins)

Designed for clogged and congested skin.  A non-irritating, non-drying solution is applied to the skin which softens and melts the sebaceous oils and dirt clogging pores and congesting the skin.  


Guests  $129     Members $99

Glycolic Firming Facial (60 mins)

The ultimate treatment for clients that want to smooth out skin imperfections while tightening and toning tired or sagging skin.  The proven effectiveness of glycolic peel coupled with a tightening mask makes this a must for tired aging skin.


Guests $129     Members $99

Signature Facial with Microdermabrasion (60 mins)

The ultimate in exfoliation, microdermabrasion allows your products to penetrate the skin 60% better.  A diamond tip crystal free wand is manually massaged in different directions over the skin.  This process reduces fine lines, acne scars, enlarged pores and sun damage.  It stimulates new cell growth and leaves your skin feeling smoother! 


Face only

Guests $129     Members $99



Salicylic Clear Facial (60 mins)

The preferred treatment for clients motivated to clear up their acneic skin.  This 22% salicylic peel penetrates sebum filled follicles and helps unclog pores.  It acts as an anti-inflammatory and the same time stimulates the growth of new cells so that your complexion stays healthy looking.


Guests $129     Members $99

Vitamin C Brightening Facial (60 mins)

An enzyme peel brightens things up by removing dead, dull and discolored cells to uncover fresh new skin underneath.  An antioxidant serum infusion and Brightening Vitamin C Mask helps minimize pores, refine texture, fade surface pigmentation and accelerate skin repair.  Skin emerges smooth, even and luminous.


Guests $129     Members $109

Add on Microdermabrasion for $30 

Hydrating Lactic Facial (60 mins)

Lactic acid’s unique ability to draw moisture towards the surface of the skin makes it ideal for individuals whose skin dries out easily.  This pampering treatment aims to combat lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.  The result is skin that feels fresher, pores are minimized, surface hyperpigmentation lighten and wrinkles are softened.  Best done in series for cumulative results.


Guests $129     Members $99

Lightening Lift (60 mins)

This mega lightening peel treatment gently blends lactic, kojic acid with a cocktail of lightening agents.  It aids in reducing redness caused by rosacea, reducing skin discoloration, sun spots and over production of melanin.


Guests $129     Members $ 99

Back Facial (60 mins)

Utilizes the same techniques used in skin treatment for the face.  Available for both men and women in a wide range of formulations which targets specific skin types or issues.

Guests $129     Members $99

Back Facial with Glycolic Peel (60 mins)

Add a peel and rejuvenate the skin for a healthy and glowing back.


Guests $159     Members $129

Body Treatments 

Body treatments are seasonal and done in a dry room setting.  Farmhouse Fresh products used.

Farmhouse Fresh Seasonal Body Scrub Treatment (60 mins)

Delight your senses with the freshest ingredients the season has to offer with a luscious full body scrub and a relaxing hydration application.  Ask about our seasonal Farmhouse Fresh salt/sugar scrubs and lotions/oils. 


Guests $129     Members $99

Prices subject to change without notice.